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The rapid expansion of the cocoa industry in the late 1970s and early 1980s has triggered the realisation that the multi facetted activities of the industry would have to be coordinated and integrated under an umbrella organisation to ensure its continued health growth. Thus, the Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) was established. The Act for the establishment of the MCB was passed by Parliament in July 1988 and was gazetted as ACT 343 on 8 September, 1988. MCB was officially in operation on 18 July, 1989.

Who We Are


The Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) is a federal statutory research and development agency under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Comodities (previously called Ministry of Primary Industries Malaysia). It was established under the Act of Parliament 343(incorporated) in 1988 and has been in operation since 1989. The main objective is to develop the cocoa industry in Malaysia to be well integrated and competitive in the global market. Emphasis is given to increasing productivity and efficiency in cocoa bean production and increasing downstream activities.

What We Do

The main functions of MCB cover:-

* To conduct and promote research on production, processing, storage and consumption;
* To conduct and coordinate activities and policies on research;
* To improve quality;
* To regulate marketing activities;
* To collect and disseminate information;
* To supervise and coordinate cocoa related activities that cover processing, storage, regulatory and marketing.

Research and Development
Research and Development (R&D) is the major activities of MCB. Research programmes and projects are carried out to address the various problems and needs of the cocoa planting and downstream industry. The objectives are to acquire knowhow and to develop technologies and planting materials that could lead to increase in productivity, reduction in production cost and labour requirement, improvement in the quality of cocoa beans and cocoa products, development of new range of cocoa products and new uses as well as enhancement in competitive edge of Malaysian cocoa beans and cocoa products.

Market Development and Techno-Economy
The objective of market development is to increase market share of Malaysian cocoa beans and cocoa products in the international and domestic market. The activities include international and domestic promotion. International promotion is carried out through trade and technical missions, and international expositions. Domestic promotion is undertaken through cocoa fairs, school promotion programme and exhibitions. Goodness of cocoa is the main theme for promotion. Whereas, the techno-economy programme is to look at the economics of production from raw cocoa beans up to the final cocoa products through R&D and census. Information on cocoa prices, market situation and other related statistics are made available for use by the industry.

Regulatory and Quality Control
Licensing and grading is carried out to ensure the quality of Malaysian cocoa beans to meet the required Malaysian standards. MCB undertakes to license wet cocoa bean processors, cocoa traders, cocoa grinders and cocoa graders. It is also the responsibility of MCB to set guidelines and standards for cocoa beans and cocoa products, and regulatory.

Target Groups Development
MCB will continue to implement the programme for target groups development which include cocoa smallholders and handmade chocolate entrepreneurs. The target groups development programme is an integrated part of the extension and development programme of MCB. The main objective of the smallholder development programme is to increase the productivity of the cocoa smallholders from less than 0.5 tonne/ha/year to 1.5 tonne/ha/year. The activities include visits, meetings, supply of planting materials and incentives, and training on planting technology and quality management. Whereas the objective of handmade chocolate entrepreneurs development programme is to establish Malaysian entrepreneurs that involve in handmade chocolate industry. The activities are transfer of technology, development of products and machinery, center of chocolate couverture supply, marketing and promotions, and technical and advisory services.

Extension and Transfer of Technology
Workshops, seminars, field visits, demonstrations and training courses on cocoa planting technology, chocolate making and product development among others are the activities for extension and transfer of technology undertaken by MCB.

Technical and Advisory Services
MCB offers technical and advisory services to the cocoa planting and downstream industry. The laboratory and pilot plant at the Cocoa Downstream Research Centre, Bandar Baru Bangi of MCB are equipped to provide services on physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of cocoa beans and cocoa products and used for research on cocoa processing and product development respectively.

Malaysia Cocoa ~ Naturally Nutritious, Deliciously Healthy.

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